The Adopt-a-Stop 10-Day Pass is available for individuals and organizations who adopt local UTA bus stops. Adopters through the program can receive one pass. Once the application is approved, the pass will be sent in the mail or made available to pick up at UTA Headquarters (669 South 200 West, Bldg. #2, Salt Lake City).

The pass is only available to approved UTA Adopt-a-Stop Program partners and is distributed through the UTA Community Engagement Team.

Pass Guidelines

The pass can be used for 10 days each calendar month. These days do not have to be consecutive. Each day starts at the first tap and ends at 11:59 p.m. that same day. Any number of trips may be taken during that time on regular and Express Bus, TRAX, S-Line, UTA On Demand, and FrontRunner. Paratransit eligibility applies to this pass.

Adopt-a-Stop pass holders must Tap On and Tap Off for each trip taken. This pass is an electronic fare card, so users must tap the card on an electronic card reader as they board and exit vehicles, stations, or platforms.

This pass is only valid fare when properly validated (green light) by an electronic card reader. A red light indicates the pass has expired or is no longer valid. If the pass holder attempts to use the pass beyond 10 days, they will see a red light on the card reader, which indicates that the pass is no longer valid during that calendar month.

The pass holder is responsible for keeping track of the number of days they have used each month. The 10 days on the pass reactivate on the first calendar day of each new month. A pass holder will use the same card for the duration of their contract. Each pass expires after two years or 24 calendar months (the length of an Adopt-a-Stop contract). If the adopter chooses to terminate their Adopt-a-Stop contract before two years have elapsed or fails to fulfill their Adopt-a-Stop requirements as outlined in their contract, their pass will be deactivated accordingly. If the adopter chooses to renew their Adopt-a-Stop contract after two years, they will be issued a new pass.

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